In today’s world, computer literacy is a must and computer education should begin at an early age.
EHF will cater to the knowledge as well as recreational needs of the children. It will also supplement their school education as well as acquaint them to the the computer and the internet.

About International Cyber Olympiad (ICO)

International Cyber Olympiad (ICO) is a national level exam on Computer to test your aptitude for taking up a career in Computer Science/Information Technology.

Thought provoking questions based on practical, day-to-day computing will be asked such as what is internet?, how does wi-fi work?, what is spam?, do we need spybots?, are they same as antivirus?, what is speech recognition software?

International Cyber Olympiad (ICO)

International Cyber Olympiad (ICO) promises to make computer learning fun by introducing Olympiad , Cyber Smart Activity Books, Preparatory Books, workshop, seminars and e-newspaper. All these will give them the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a changing world.

The Olympiad will be conducted for Class I to XII at schools all over India and abroad. Sample paper and Syllabus guide lines:  ( Class I   Class II   Class III   Class IV   Class V   Class VI   Class VII   Class VIII   Class IX   Class X   Class XI   Class XII).
For School Registration Form contact National Coordinator at 01126168623.

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