Why Maths

Math skills have become even more important in todays economy dominated by ICE [Information technology, Communications and Entertainment]. Even with the advent of computers and calculators it is one tool which is maximally used on a day to day basis.

Historically speaking, we have always been good at maths. We invented zero. We had renowned mathematicians like Ramanujan. Somehow the present generation is losing out on the maths edge. This is maybe because of 1] poor teaching methodology, 2] students perception of maths being difficult, fearful, boring or irrelevant, 3] lack of awareness of career opportunities with [or without] maths. We need to make efforts to popularize maths among school students. To do so we need to remove the fear of maths by making learning fun. We need to incorporate innovative teaching methods which will make students learning of maths fun.

Chief Guest distributing prizes to the meritorious students.

‘Maths is fun’ initiative of EHF

Eduheal foundation with its math centric activities and publications plans to keep the students engaged in pursuit of maths year long by conducting interactive activities like interactive olympiad, workshops (Mathemagic), (math is fun), (Algebra) seminars, publishing Mathemagic activity books (Mathemagic activity book samples), maths newspaper- Mathemagic (News paper 1 - 2) & producing Educational CD’s.

Students & teachers of various schools attending the workshop “Mathemagic” conducted by EHF
Dr. Sandeep Ahlawat conducting the mathemagic workshop.

About Nationwide Interactive Maths Olympiad

There are numerous maths olympiads being conducted but none go beyond testing. Nationwide Interactive Maths Olympiad [NIMO] (Mathemagic activity book samples), (Sample Question NIMO) promises to make math more fun. Nationwide Interactive Maths Olympaid, the first of its kind in India, is a nationwide talent search contest that is aimed to promote among students love for math. The Olympiad besides testing the student at national level is unique as the student are also assessed through an interactive problem solving activity (math labs), (Interactive Activities Classwise) conducted at the end of the olympiad. Scholarships, prizes (Student Award NIMO), certificates, Activity and Preparatory Books, CD’s, newspapers etc are given to the students so as to encourage them. The foundation has appointed resources persons in maths all over India who will be entrusted with the task of conducting math-interest generating activities such as workshop in maths [maths is fun , maths is fun at Home parental guide, Mathemagic, speed maths and how to improve math study skills]. The foundation has appointed many regional coordinators all over India to help in this endeavour.


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